The World Inside My Head

Snowbird season is here, again, which finds me seeking warmth in the generally sunny south.

Not only physical warmth, of course. I lived in Florida for 20+ years, so I return to reconnect with family and friends. Yesterday, I also drove past a couple of my former homes. They’ve weathered the separation well. If I didn’t know better, I’d say they didn’t miss me.

I cast my mind back, trying to remember how I felt and what occupied my thoughts at the time I lived there. The job, the colleagues, the yard work, the walks along the seawall. Some memories are fuzzy, others crystal clear.

One central focus hasn’t changed at all–the fictional world inside my head. Dominion was there, along with Soliterre and other planets you’ll encounter as my stories unfold. The places and people brewed and developed a bit over the years, but the seeds have been there forever.

So today, I sit at a stranger’s table in a rented condo, two blocks from a sugar-sand beach, and I write it down. Just as I do at home.

What world do you carry with you?

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