Everyone wants to be a hero.

Here we are, in the middle of the covid-19 crisis. Some people are sure the precautions are an over-reaction. Others, like me, would much rather err on the side of caution, particularly since a close family member is immune-suppressed due to life-saving organ transplants.

When we envision heroic actions, we think in terms of grand gestures, daring deeds that risk lives, feats of strength and visible courage. That doesn’t apply at the moment.

But crisis or no, heroes are among us every day. Heroes donated organs so someone else could live. Less dramatically, but of great importance, within my own family, a single mother is raising a special needs child. Another busy mother is providing care and comfort to her own elderly and failing mother. Partners are coping with their loved ones’ health crises. Young and not-so-young adults are going out to work because they provide essential services to those in need. And all of us, like you, are simply staying away from people, no matter how much we miss the interaction.

We can be heroes. But how do we learn what it takes?

We observe real-life heroic sacrifices. We watch movies. We read books.

As we weather this crisis together, let’s continue to take breaks for relaxation and entertainment so we will have the strength to do whatever is needed. Even if all we have to do is sit on the couch.

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