During the past few months, I have participated in several interesting voyages, but only in the most peripheral sense.

At the end of May, SpaceX transported two astronauts to the International Space Station. I snapped photos of the televised launch and subsequent docking from the comfort of my home, just as I had photographed grainy black and white images of the first steps on the moon over 50 years ago.

At the end of June, my son’s family drove to a remote cabin in northern Michigan for a change of scenery. We kept the granddog and vicariously enjoyed lakes and waterfalls via remote viewing.

And at the beginning of August, the astronauts returned, so I took more pictures.

Then we received our Google travel report. The April update had shown that we traveled 5100 miles during 2020, touring Florida and returning to Ohio. The May, June, and July all stay within a forty-mile radius of home. The forays generally revolve around the grocery story or meal carry-out. More and more of these little getaways are simply to prove there is still a world out there. We cruise the countryside and admire horses, hawks and alpacas from the safe-zone of our car. We would love to get back to Albuquerque, but are not ready to board a plane, stay in hotels, or mingle.

One day, we shall hit the highways and airways again. Until then, we’re watching the Travel Channel. And remembering.

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