Escaping Myself

We are nearly at the end of an intense period of isolation, kept here by concern for those at greatest risk during this pandemic. Now we have received our vaccinations, and restrictions are being lifted. Even so, I am stepping cautiously into the stream of humanity, not plunging headlong into the pool. In fact, I have enjoyed isolation so much that I may have to force myself to venture forth.

Being an introvert has been an advantage. Whenever I yearned for escape, all I had to do was reach within and make up a story. Thanks to my subconscious, I have plenty of plot ideas to work on. Eventually, you’ll see the results.

Reading someone else’s stories is an even easier escape. Authors who entertained me include the following.

Bernhard Hennen’s three book Saga of the Elven is the engrossing, time-spanning tale of Northlander Jarl Mandred, the elf queen Emerelle, and the two elves who love her more than themselves, Farodin and Nuramon.

Jim Butcher’s six book series, Codex Alera follows the young boy Tavi in a world that relies on the magical elementals of earth, air, fire, water, wood, and metal–the furies–to withstand savage enemies.

Nathan Van Coops’ two book series, Kingdom of Engines, posits a modern world with fast cars and sword fights to determine who shall sit at the Round Table and who shall dispense justice.

E. Rose Sabin’s Arucadi Series takes us across a fictional country, following windspeakers, mages, demons, and the gifted. We visit the Simonton School for the Magically Gifted, plunge into the Dire Realms, and travel the land seeking adventure, safety, and answers.

Iris Champion’s three volume Lioness Diaries take us from Savanna’s heartbreaking real-world crises of divorce and autism to the alien but all-too-human world of the Arcturans as Savanna discovers the eternal inner power of the Lioness. This one is adults-only as she connects with her steamy love interest.

Katie Aiken Ritter’s Norse Adventure Series carries us across Viking-era Iceland and beyond as brave characters fight against corrupt men and women who would rule and betray them.

A.G. Riddle’s The Long Winter Trilogy begins in the near future when aliens draw power from our sun and throw us into a fatal ice age. The adventure doesn’t end here.

So, despite social distancing, isolation, and even a period of quarantine, I traveled across the universe. I hope you had as much fun as I did

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