Fair and Sunny

Yesterday marked the beginning of Fair Season, prime time for outdoor events. My sweet husband transported my books, my displays, and all my personas to the Ohio Author’s Book Fair at Destination Outlets in Jeffersonville.

The personas, in this case, are my active pen names: Jora Dublinn for science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal adventures; J Levesque for poetry and memoirs. Both fall under the umbrella of my publishing self: Windwritten Press.

The weather being gorgeous, we soon traded our indoor spot for the great outdoors, sheltered by the mall overhang. I appreciated that convenience since we did not bring a tent.

I hadn’t established a temporary vendor booth in ages, not since my hippy-dippy days of making jewelry and blue-jean clothing and accessories. I had forgotten how much I enjoy doing these events. Though I am an introvert most of the time, perfectly happy writing in isolation, meeting with other authors and enthusiastic readers is such a pleasure. Even more exciting is encouraging new or wishful writers. Everyone has a story and a way of telling it. Helping people find their way is a treat.

If you see me out there, stop by to say hello!

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