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Science Fiction

The Dominion Saga

Invaders. Defenders. Enemies.

Denneval must terraform the planet Dominion. But he is sent to war halfway across the galaxy. There, fierce mindjackers distort his senses and make him a savage murderer. With this taint, he cannot go home. But if he does not return, his family will lose their claim to Dominion and perhaps their lives.

Chesh longs to become a vicious mindfighter. Eager to slay outworld invaders, he rushes into battle. But confronting Denneval reveals Chesh’s weakness. If he is branded a coward, his life is ruined. But proving he is not puts everyone else at risk.

A science fantasy adventure full of non-stop action. Adult content: language, violence, sexual situations.

Readers Say:

An epic, well-written, Science Fiction novel. Book One is great, in the vein of Frank Herbert and Peter F. Hamilton.”

“I am not normally a reader of sci-fi or fantasy, but Dominion of the Lost has made me a fan! It is exciting, fast-paced, creative, and extremely well-written. I can’t wait to read the rest of Jora Dublinn’s books in this series!”

“From the moment the story begins to its gripping end, I was completely sucked in. The world building is amazing. The characters are unforgettable. The drama is gut wrenching. I cannot wait to read the next one!” Iris Champion

“Dublinn is a new writer, and this, her debut novel, is a powerful entry into its field…..it begins with an excellently portrayed far future science fictional setting….a fascinating tale in which both men are forced to confront not only terrifying forces from without but more especially their inner demons. The novel not only explores the evils of stratified class distinction but also the folly of denying one’s own nature to conform to society’s expectations.” E. Rose Sabin

Vengeance delayed is more deadly.

Denneval’s off-world war with mindjackers nearly ruined him. He can’t trust his senses or his family. Then raiders from across the galaxy bring the war home to Dominion.

Chesh left his ruined world and committed to a life of peace. He is shocked to be posted on the planet that led the invasion. And he is not the only mindfighter here.

To survive, Denneval and Chesh must keep their past from destroying everyone’s future.

The action never stops in this science fantasy adventure. Adult content: violence, language, sexual situations.

Readers Say:

“This book knocked my socks off! There is never a dull moment. It’s been two days since I finished it, and I’m having serious withdrawal. It’s amazing!” Iris Champion

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