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About Me

As a young teen, I co-wrote an episode of Bonanza, fueled purely by my imagination. Fortunately, that script never saw the light of day.

As an adult, I camped in the woods and lived underground and on a sailboat, in the country and the suburbs. I fell in and out of love, stayed home to raise children, went out dancing, and worked in business, aerospace, and government. These experiences gave me something tangible to write about. They also fed my active dream life. Reality and imagination come together in my works.

Writing as Jora Dublinn, I create science fiction and fantasy. Under other pen names, I write thrillers, romances, cozy mysteries, poetry, and memoirs.

In the “real” world, my husband and I wander between Ohio and Florida, with as many side trips to Albuquerque as we can manage, particularly when the balloons are in full bloom.

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