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Science Fiction

The Dominion Saga continues

Denneval survived interstellar war. His senses did not.
With the karsters and merchanters united against him, his own Domaine Council maneuvering to steal his holdings, and his wives trying to monopolize his loyalty, can he withstand his enemies and his allies? 
When outworlders invaded, Chesh became a murderer and a coward. He would go anywhere to leave that legacy behind. Even to the hated cold, metallic Sentiri worlds.
As he struggles to acquire the skills to survive in this alien environment, only the aged Sentir Toula's determined efforts save him from self-destruction. But when his first love and mentor, the warrior priestess Shatha, reaches across space, the danger of war again threatens them all. 
When the Domaine Council steals her father’s terraforming substance, Linayd abandons her husband to salvage her family's name and fortune. Her half-brother Jerrevis takes his revenge by destroying the production facility. His rampage drives Linayd into the hands of merchanters who sell women to the highest bidder. 
Linayd must fight her way back or her freedom and her father’s legacy will be lost forever.
When savage mindfighters transport him to their deadly planet, Denneval must battle the telepathic warriors and his own distorted senses to claim the substance that fuels their powers—and to save his daughter, who is under their control.

And other series will begin

The Crown Alliance peacekeepers are stretched thin across this arm of the galaxy.

When her fellow pilot disappears, her search for him takes her to places truly unknown.

What happens when the conquerors don’t realize who they rule?


Few can touch these stones and live.

She chose to leave. What will it cost her to return?

She can’t resist these exotic garments. They’re like a second skin,